Fuzhou City is situated in eastern Jiangxi, located between the latitudes of 26°29′N and 28°30′ N and the longitudes of 115°35′E to 117°18′E. It has jurisdiction over one district, ten counties and one economic development zone and has a total area of 18,816.92 square kilometers. By 2015, it had 2,399,840 hectares of actual arable land and 1,288,000 hectares of forest land with a forest coverage of 64.54%. The permanent resident population of the whole city is 3,984,687 in 2015, increasing by 8,119 from 2014. The urban population is ...[more]


mmexport1474815140020.jpg Tang Xianzu Memorial Hall is built up for commenorating dramatist & litterateur Tang Xi...[more]

tianzhu-small.jpg Fuzhou Catholic Church, namely, Fuzhou San Josee Cathedral, is located in Lingzhishan ...[more]

liukeng-small.jpg Liukeng village, is considered as “The First Ancient Village”, is located near the ...[more]

wangas-small.jpg Wang Anshi Memorial Hall is built up for commenorating Wang Anshi who was the famous s...[more]


> Investment Advantages

Fuzhou is a famous “heaven of appropriateness in three aspects”, that is, it is good for entrepreneurship, livable and suitable for tourism. In recent years, Fuzhou has successively won the title of the Garden City of Jiangxi Province, the Potential Investment City of Zhejiang Merchants (outside the province), the Preferred Investment City in China of Suzhou Merchants, the Nationwide Best Green Ecological City and the Low-carbon Economy Demonstration City in China. The city has beautiful surroundings. With 16.6 square meters of park green land area per capita and an urban greenery rate of 43.4%, its environmental comprehensive assessment ranks seventh nationwide and first in the cent...[more]