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Key Parks

fubei_副本.jpg Development overview: the construction of Linchuan Fubei Industrial Park was started in September, 2002. As a provincial ecological industrial park approved by the state, it has a total planning area of 10,000 mu. Being one of the main industrial bases in Linchuan, it has already developed six featured industries, namely nonferrous metals processing, electromechanical manufacturing, ecological chemical engineering, automobile components, new construction materials and electronic information. At present, 8,300 mu of land in the park has been developed and utilized; 94 enterprises have settled in the park, of which 53 are already in operation, 26 are still under construction, and 15 are undergoing planning. Especially in January, 2012, the project of Guangyin Aluminum Processing Indust...[more]

Investment Focus

Infrastructure construction and scenic spot development of places of interest such as Linchuan Hotspring, Fashui hotspring of Zixi, Le’an Liukeng historic village, Magu Mountain of Nancheng, Junfeng Mountain of Nanfeng, Jinshan Temple, Lichuan Rock Spring, etc., and such projects as the construction of Tang Xianzu Art Center and Tang Xianzu Former Residence Tourism Development, etc.. We are looking forward to your investment in tourism and building national three stars and above level hotel...[more]