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Article 1 The Urban Overall Planning of Fuzhou (2008-2020) is formulated based on Urban and Rural Planning Law of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Construction’s Measures for Formulating City Planning. This planning is a guidance document for urban construction within the domain of Fuzhou.

Article 2 This planning consists of three parts: planning text (hereinafter referred to as “text”), planning drawings and accessories (overall planning statement and basic data). Overall planning statement is an illustrative document of the planning, and the text and the drawings are interrelated with the same legal effect.

Article 3 This planning goes into effect from the date of approval by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, that is, it is implemented as a legally binding urban planning document, and the implementation of the original overall planning shall stop.

Article 4 All the urban construction activities within Fuzhou shall comply with this planning.

Article 5 Guiding ideology and principles of planning

1.    We should strengthen regional socio-economic research, broaden horizons, establish an overall strategy for urban development based on a much bigger regional scope, and develop rational urban space layout, structure and development goal so as to promote the coordination and harmonization of economic and social environment.

2.    We should adhere to the sustainable development strategy, establish a scientific outlook on development, proceed from reality in everything, take a road of new industrialization and characteristic urbanization, implement “the five overall arrangements”, and reasonably determine urban development strategy and objectives. We should pay attention to the integration of short term and long term developments, coordinate the timing for the development of urban construction, and consider some flexibility in development so as to make the planning proactive and adaptive.

3.    We should protect and promote the historical and cultural characteristics of Fuzhou in the socio-economic development and urban-rural construction, and properly handle the relationship among socio-economic development, urban construction and natural landscape as well as preservation of history and culture.

4.    We should establish a sense of advance planning, adhere to a high starting point and high- standard requirements, rationally allocate urban land resources, create a good urban form and a unique, comfortable and pleasant urban space integrating mountain, water, city and green, and provide a high-quality , convenient and excellent environment for work, life and rest.

5.    With the “people-oriented” principle, we should organize urban communities, improve urban infrastructure and public service facilities, strengthen the construction of regional public service facilities, better urban comprehensive functionality, highlight the status of regional center city, enhance the city's regional radiation and cohesion, and promote economic prosperity.

Article 6 Planning period

To coordinate with national macroeconomic and social development plan, the period of this planning is determined as follows:

Short term: 2008-2010;

Long term: 2011-2020;

Article 7 Scope of urban planning area

Based on the definition of urban planning area in Urban and Rural Planning Law of the People's Republic of China, considering the current situation of urban land expansion and future development needs and possibilities of Fuzhou, we determine the scope of urban planning area as follows: to the administrative boundary of Hunan Township in the east, to the administrative boundary of Shangdeng Village, Chonggang Town in the south, to the administrative boundary of Hot Springs Scenic Area and Shangdundu Town in the west, and to the administrative boundary of Zhanping Township in the north. The planning area is about 434 km2, including the urban construction land of central urban area planning of 74.6 km2.

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