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Fuzhou Dream Lake scenic area is a large park in Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Dream Lake is an artificial lake. Originally it was named "artificial lake". The National Tourism Bureau assessed the Dream Lake as a national AAAA level scenic spots.

The lake takes an area of 2006 acres and the shoreline extends as far as 8.1 kilometers. It serves as a flood control construction as well as the function of entertainment and tourism. Dream Lake was named for two reasons. Firstly, "Dream Lake”, with its dreamy like quality, is named for the Fuzhou celebrity Tang Xianzu’s "Linchuan Four Dreams". Secondly, residents in Fuzhou always have a water-control dream and this dream finally comes true. According to historical records, in Southern Tang Dynasty, Li Jianxun, an officer in FuZhou, ordered the local residents to dig a huge lake in the southwest of the Fuzhou city. Unfortunately, the "Lake" in the city was destroyed. Dream Lake has not only interpreted the "South Lake" in the past, but also delivers a new dream and hope. After the completion of the Dream Lake, the original low-lying land is free from flood disaster.

  Dream Lake Square, which is the largest landscape in Fuzhou Dream Lake scenic area, covers an area of 129 acres. In order to promote the culture of Fuzhou, the landscape lamp was inlaid with the ancient Fuzhou sages’ poetry. In the center of the Square, huge pictures as wide as 1.66 meters and as long as 63.6 meters are displayed to show the big events happened in Fuzhou.


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