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Rushui Forest Park is located in the southeast of Fuzhou City. It covers an area of 1060 hectares and the forest coverage rate reaches more than 82%. The park is a multifunctional comprehensive forest wetland, with an artificial lake, rare trees, pavilions, terraces and open halls recreation area.

The Viewing Pavilion is the biggest bright spot in the park, like Tiantan (Qing ancient buildings) in Beijing. The roof of the pavilion is engraved with a total of 999 dragons and 666 tail Phoenix. The walls of the pavilion are decorated with the portrayals of Fuzhou’s ancient celebrities and arts.

Around the lake, valuable species trees have been planted. In addition to the "treasure Town Park" Millennium crape myrtle, you can also see ginkgo, metasequoia, yew Podocarpus Nagi and many other national protected tree species.

In the middle area of the park is an artificial lake taking 47 acres, with a 3-meter wide, 56-meter-long antique bridge. This bridge divides the lake into two areas: the north area, the deep water area, is mainly used for boating, fishing and sightseeing; the south area, the shallow water area, is mainly used for planting reeds, water lilies and other aquatic plants, in order to attract a variety of birds. This has thus become a major highlight of the park.

 Viewing Pavilion, located near the east gate of the Forest Park Rushui, is the biggest highlight of the park. With a similar shape of Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Viewing Pavilion covers an area of 1000 square meters, and its construction area is about 500 square meters. It owns two floors with a double eave roof. Like all Qing ancient buildings, this one is also a richly ornamented building with exquisite paintings and sculptures. On the second floor, the beautiful scenery of the Forest Park will manifest itself before you ------ the lake, the antique bridge and the natural forests.

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