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Le’an Industrial Park

   In June 1996, Le’an Industrial Park was founded, and in April 2006, its name was changed from the original “Le’an Development Zone for Township Industries” to its current one.

   Thanks to several years of effort, the development concept of “to develop industry in a park and a park into a city”, planning with a high starting point, high-standard construction, and efficient management, the park has been constructed rapidly. A new pattern of “one park and two zones” has been set up. The two zones are Qianping Industrial Zone and Gongxi Industrial Zone: The former has a planning area of 3.8 km2at the first stage (2.1 km long (north-south) and 1.8 km wide (east-west)), and a planning used land of 2.38 km2, 1.8 km2 of which has already been developed; the construction of the latter was started in 2009 with a planning area of 2 km2, 0.6 km2 of which has already been developed.

   In 2011, in order to further accelerate the construction of the industrial park, enlarge the size of the park, propel the industrial storm and support the construction of the Fuzhou-Ji’an Expressway, Qianping Industrial Zone was stretched to the extension of the Fuzhou-Ji’an Expressway to plan the southern cluster in the park for extension. We entrusted relevant departments to formulate regulatory detailed planning for the southern cluster in the park. It is estimated that the area of the new extension will reach 7.8 km2. Thus far, we have expropriated 2,084 mu of mountains and land. The leveling of earthwork in the three sections of Phase I will be launched in March. 305 mu of land has already been leveled, occupying 43% of the total work amount; the excavation of 1.821 million m3 has been completed, taking up 31.29% of the total work amount. After the construction is completed, 1,000 mu of land for industrial use will enjoy access to water, power, gas, cable TV and network. Meanwhile, other supporting facilities in the park, such as road networks, will also be improved.

   Thus far, 68 enterprises have settled in the park, of which 50 have begun operations (17 are above their designated sizes), and 18 are still under construction. For 12 projects, the contracts have been signed but construction has not yet begun. There are six mainstay industries in the park, namely textiles, clothing, and shoes; mechanics and electronics; food processing; medicine and chemical engineering; intensive mineral processing; and print and packaging. From January to July 2012, one enterprise above the designated size had entered the park; the total industrial output value reached 905 million yuan, an increasing of 31.2% from the previous year; income from main businesses reached 861 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 28%; investment for infrastructure was 162 million yuan, increasing 33% from the previous year; the amount of contributed taxes reached 28.88 million yuan totally, a year-on-year increase of 25.9%; six enterprises went into operation; and 5,700 jobs were provided.

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