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Guangchang Industrial Park

   Guangchang Industrial Park was founded in 2002, and approved as a provincial industrial park by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province in 2006. It is located in northern Guangchang, stretching to the Xu River in the east and to the county town in the south. With a planning area of 529 hectares, the park is designed with “one center, two axes, and eight zones” (one center: the center for administrative services, commercial finance and culture, near the No. 206 National Highway and mountain park; two axes: two industrial development axes along the No. 206 National Highway and Yingbin Avenue; eight zones: food industrial zone, toys and handiworks industrial zone, electronics industrial zone, clothing industrial zone, comprehensive industrial zone, chemical engineering industrial zone, building materials industrial zone and residential zone). According to the standard of “planning with a high starting point, high-quality construction, high-efficiency management”, it will be built into a modern and ecological new urban area and a unique advanced manufacturing base in Fuzhou, serving the development of logistics, commerce and trade, research and development and as a residential area.

    At Present, the area of constructed and under-construction zones in Guangchang Industrial Park has hit 3,873.5 mu. During the first phase, the construction of 1,290 mu of infrastructure was completed, and 59 enterprises were settled in; land leveling for the 680.5-mu extension has been completed, while infrastructure related to water, power, roads, etc., are still under busy construction, and is expected to be completed in October; four projects have now been implemented; during the second phase, according to the planning, three industrial zones respectively for clothing, chemicals and energy, and construction materials will be formed in Zone A; the area of development is 1,903 mu; the planning and design of “three supplies (water, power, road) and one leveling (land)” have been completed, and earthwork is being leveled, and is expected to be completed at the end of August. Projects for water and power supplies and a communication network have been launched; the bidding schemes for pipe network projects of road, sewer, etc., are being formulated; it is expected that the whole construction of infrastructures will be completed by the end of this year; we are brightening, greening, and beautifying the park step by step, which will offer a good carrier for investments introduced into the park.

   Up to the end of May 2007, 63 enterprises had settled into the industrial park, forming five featured industrial sectors: the food processing industry with Changshun Industry, Lianxiang Food as the mainstay, the electronic processing industry with Gaopu Electric Appliance and Taishang Electronic as the mainstay, the chemical engineering and construction materials industry with Changhong Chemical Engineering and Meiyi Chemical Engineering as the mainstay, the textile and clothing industry with Jinxing Shoes and Feiyasi Clothing as the mainstay, and the toys and handiworks industry with Xincheng Handicraft, Hongyu Fan, and Xinmuzi Handicraft as the mainstay.

   Guangchang Industrial Park implements the management mode of “governmental functions and greater services”. In the park, a number of administrations have been set up, including the working committee of the CPC in Guangchang Industrial Park and the Management Committee of Jiangxi Guangchang Industrial Park, the Office for Party and Governmental Affairs, the Bureau of Economic Development, the Bureau of Investment Promotion, and the Bureau of Construction and Environmental Protection. Administrations of public security, commerce and industry, land, national tax, local tax, etc., have also set up representative agencies in the park.

   The CPC Guangchang County Committee and the People’s Government of Guangchang County have formulated a series of preferential policies in land, water & power supply, support, services, management, etc. Adhering to the service aim of “all for the park”, they provide coordinated services for enterprises with “high-efficiency, preferential policies and outstanding services”.

Guangchang Industrial Park is an energetic industrial platform and a new area with complete functional supporting facilities. It warmly and sincerely welcomes farsighted people at home and abroad to visit, invest, collaborate, and develop here.

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