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Chongren Industrial Park

Established in May, 1996, Chongren Industrial Park is a “National Model Park for Cooperation Between Township Enterprises in the East and West” approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, and a provincial industrial park approved by Jiangxi Province. Since its establishment, it has been successively appraised as an “Outstanding Unit in Construction among Provincial Industrial Parks”, an “Outstanding Unit among Industrial Parks of the City”, an “Excellent and Strong Industrial Park of the City”, and “the First Outstanding County in the Investment Environment of Jiangxi”. As the current development trends indicate, “one park and four zones” are planned to be constructed in Chongren Industrial Park (East Zone: Luoshi Industrial Park covering a planning area of 11.65 km2; West Zone: Shizhuang Industrial covering a planning area of 5 km2; South Zone: Yongsheng Third Zone Industrial Park covering a planning area of 3 km2: North Zone: Yimuchang Industrial Park covering a planning area of 0.35 km2). The total planning area is 20 km2. Our aim is that by 2012, the main business income of the park can hit 20 billion yuan. Chongren Industrial Park now has a developed area of 3.5 km2 and has 81 enterprises in it, of which 63 have been put into production, 14 are under construction, and 4 are non-industrial enterprises. It has basically formed five industrial enterprise clusters, namely electromechanical, textile & clothing, nonferrous metals processing, food & medicine, and light chemical engineering. In 2007, Chongren Industrial Park achieved a main business income of 3.436 billion yuan, contributed taxes of 62.5403 million yuan, and provided 8,105 jobs. In 2008, the main business income climbed to 5.134 billion yuan, increasing by 39.1%; taxes paid rose to 154 million yuan, an increase of 45.4%; At the same time, it also provided 8,638 jobs.


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