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Dongxiang Economic Development Zone

   Jiangxi Dongxiang Economic Development Zone has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. This zone is close to the Liyuan-Wenjiazhen Expressway, the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, and the Donglin First-class Highway. The 320 National Highway also runs through the zone. All of these have provided it with convenient transportation and a favorable location.

   The development zone has the 46-meter-wide Donghong Industrial Avenue and Donglin First-class Highway as its axes, covers a total planning area of 10.8 km2, and forms a “one core and four sections” development pattern, of which the core is Dongshan Industrial Park, and the four sections are Dafu, Nanshan, Yuanshangang and Laohugang. The water supply, power supply, roads and communication in the park are all prepared. The Jixing Water Works, which can supply 60,000 tons of water per day, is already under construction. There is a 110 KVA transformer substation and a 220 KVA transformer substation in the zone. The Dongshan Park 10 KV Switching Station is under construction as well. The investment in infrastructures has hit 370 million yuan. The park provides preferential and flexible policies, a relaxed environment and high-efficiency services. Organizations in fields such as land & environmental protection, planning & construction, water & power supply, public security & law enforcement, etc., have settled down in the park. The Administrative Service Center can provide investors with “one stop” complete and high-quality services.

   A lot of giant groups and famous enterprises, including Heng’an International Group, Zhejiang Dushan Group, Sichuan Kelun Group, Huiyinbi Group, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, etc., have settled in the development zone. At present, there are over 90 enterprises in the park, of which 70 have been put into production, and nearly 20 can contribute taxes of at least 1 million yuan each. By 2006, over 20 enterprises, including Jiangxi Copper (Dongxiang) Casting, Kelun Pharmacy, Huiyinbi (Jiangxi) East Asia, Yufan Company, Heng’an Group (Jiangxi) Company, etc., had invested over 400 million yuan into Phase II reconstruction and expansion. In that year, the zone achieved a total industrial output value of 1.889 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 274.6%; gained a product sales revenue of 1.868 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 300%; contributed taxes of 46 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 90.5%; and provided over 6,300 jobs. The development zone has already formed four major industrial clusters, namely electromechanics, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and light textiles, each of which has over 10 related enterprises. Enterprises in the zone have been main growth points of our county’s regional economy. At the end of “the eleventh five-year plan”, the development zone is estimated to gain an annual production value of 10 billion yuan, contribute taxes of 600 million yuan, and provide over 10,000 new jobs.


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