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Jinxi Industrial Park

   Jiangxi Jinxi Industrial Park is located in Jinxi County’s Chengxi New Area. As a provincial industrial park approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, it has a total planning area of 30 km2, and is divided into A, B, C and D zones. In 2008, it won the title “Spice Industrial Base of Jiangxi”.

   The park enjoys convenient transportation and complete infrastructure. The No. 206 National Highway and the No. 316 National Highway run through it. It is only 4 km away from the entrance of the Yingtan-Ruijin Expressway, 50 km from Yingtan, the railway hub in the east China, and only 2 hours from Nanchang Changbei International Airport. The roads, water supply, power supply and communication in the park are all in service. The construction of a sewage treatment works, capable of treating 30,000 tons of sewage per day, has been completed.

   The industrial cluster of the park has begun to take shape with distinct industrial features. At present, there are 120 enterprises settled in the park, forming four major industries, namely spice chemical engineering, electromechanical metallurgy, textile and food processing. The spice industry in particular, has formed an inchoate industrial cluster with 14 spice enterprises and over 60 products in eight categories (camphor wood, pine, fir, cypress, eucalyptus, fennel, litsea cubeba and lemongrass) of two major series (natural and compound), among which the production of natural camphor powders and natural linalool are the highest in China and the world respectively. Firstly, we have a speaking right for the fixing of prices in the market. The coming few years is important for the accelerated transfer and cluster of spice and essence, a sunrise industry. In order to undertake the transfer of the spice industry and promote the cluster of the spice industry, the park has already planned a spice and essence industrial park covering an area of over 2,000 mu, and issued a series of supporting policies for differentiation. We intend to increase the number of spice enterprises in the county to at least 40, gain a main business income of at least 3 billion yuan, contribute taxes amounting to at least 100 million yuan by 2012 with our consistent efforts. Meanwhile, we plan to drive the construction of the spice raw material forestry base of over 60,000 mu, and promote our county to become the authentic spice city of China.

   The industrial park offers preferential policies, a superior environment for development, and charges no administration fees. The land for industrial use is listed in accordance with policy. Through awarding the enterprises’ technical transformation, the cost of land for enterprises is less than 10,000 / mu. In order to encourage and support the enterprises’ technical transformation, and make them larger and stronger, 25% of the total sum of value-added taxes paid by the enterprise in the first three years is awarded to it for its technical transformation; 100% of the total sum of corporate income tax paid by the enterprise in the first two years is awarded to the enterprise; 50% of the total sum of local income tax paid by the enterprise in the latter six years is awarded to the enterprise for technical transformation, etc. As for major projects with fixed asset investments of 50 million yuan or above, spice and essence projects with a fixed asset investment of 30 million yuan or above, and foreign invested projects, we can also provide such preferential policies as “one project, one discussion”, “special method for special case”, up to “zero land price”, etc.

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