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Orientation of Admitted Projects

(1)   Encouraged Projects

A.    Leading industries in the development zone: the electromechanical industry (including transportation equipment manufacturing and its upstream and downstream supporting industries), the biopharmaceutical industry (including bio-manufacturing, medicine, medical apparatuses & instruments and the pharmaceutical packaging industry), the new energy and new material industry (including the photovoltaic and LED industry);

B.    Famous industrial enterprises at home and abroad: the Fortune Global 500, the top 500 in China’s manufacturing industry, the top 100 in Taiwan, industry leading enterprises or enterprises that have been invested in by a company with a famous brand or trademark in China and have a leading product with core technology.

C.    Headquarters enterprise: an enterprise group has more than three production bases outside the city and a group decision-making center, settlement center, research and development center and marketing center set up in the development zone. It is a headquarters enterprise paying more than 1 million yuan in taxes.

(2)   Restricted Projects

A.    Non-leading industrial projects with investment in fixed assets of under 50 million yuan;

B.    Backward technology production projects with a large labor force and low value-added products in textiles, clothing and shoes manufacturing and other traditional industries;

C.    Traditional industry projects with high energy consumption and large land area;

D.    Resource pretreating projects.

(3)   Prohibited Projects

A.    A project that has been officially eliminated and prohibited by the nation or tends to be eliminated owing to backward production technology.

B.    A project with severe contamination that doesn’t meet the environmental protection requirements of the nation, the province, the city and the development zone.

C.    An inflammable and explosive project that doesn’t meet the requirements of production safety.


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