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Requirements for Land-purchase Admission Projects

A.    An industry and processing industry project that is in accordance with national industrial policy.

B.    A project that conforms to national environmental protection policy, and achieves class 2 environmental protection standards or can meet the standard of discharge after environmental protection treatment.

C.    An encouraged project whose average fixed asset investment per mu has to exceed 1.5 million yuan; for a leading industry project, its fixed assets should be worth more than 30 million yuan; for a non-leading industrial project, its aggregate investment of fixed assets should be over 50 million yuan.

D.    Within five years from the day of completion and going into operation stipulated in Admission Contract, annual average tax per mu of enterprises should be more than 30,000 yuan.

E.    The industrial building plot ratio must achieve state specified standards (see Appendix); the site area of administrative and residential service facilities should not exceed 7% of total land area; and plants for manufacturing shoes, clothing, bags, suitcases, electronic products and toys of light industry and electronic enterprises must be built above three layers.

F.    Projects that conform with all admission conditions and have been examined and approved by the leading group for project approval.

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