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Introduction of Fuzhou City and Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Park

Fuzhou City is situated in the eastern part of Jiangxi province, it borders Fujian in the east, Ganzhou in the south (through which it is accessible to Guangdong), is close to the Beijing-Kowloon Railway in the west and links with Ji’an and Yichun, as well as Poyang Lake, Nanchang and Yingtan to the north. It has a significant locational advantage of being close to rivers and lakes, and the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian; it is in the outer suburbs of Nanchang and a close neighbor of Fujian and Taiwan, linking the east to the west and connecting the south to the north. It is one of 20 cities forming the Western Taiwan Strait Economic Zone identified by the State Council, the first of nine key cities initially listed into the national strategic regional development planning of Poyang Lake Eco-economic Zone by Jiangxi Province, and the direct central region of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Western Taiwan Strait Economic Zones and other key economic plates. With the unique conditions of undertaking industrial gradient transfer, it has become one of the development poles accelerating its formation in the central region. Due to the positive conditions of developing an ecological economy and promoting coordinated development of ecology and economy, it is an ideal place for investment which is full of vigor and vitality.

Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Park is situated in the new city region of Fuzhou City. It is a provincial-level economic development zone formally announced by six ministries and commissions in 2005, including the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Construction (MOC) and the Ministry of Land and Resources. The jurisdiction area of the development zone is 158.6 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over one town and two streets and a population of nearly 90,000. The planned development area is 40 square kilometers. And the development area of the first phase is 13.33 square kilometers. Through the efforts of recent years, the development zone is full of vitality and has the potential to flourish.

Geographical advantages of Fuzhou High-tech. As the two built expressways of Shanghai-Ruili and Fuzhou-Yinchuan and the two expressways under construction of Jinan-Guangzhou and Fuzhou in Jiangxi-Ji’an converge here, it has become the quickest way to the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the southeast trigonum of Fujian. At the same time, Fuzhou High-tech is also the closest economic development zone to the provincial capital of Nanchang. It takes only one hour from here to both Changbei International Airport and Nanchang Railway Station. Thanks to the high-speed electric railway under construction, Xiangpu Railway (from Nanchang, Jiangxi to Putian, Fujian), it takes only two hours to travel from Fuzhou High-tech to Putian Meizhou Bay International Deep-water Port. The Fuzhou station of Xiangpu High-speed Railway and the planning Fushan High-speed Railway (from Fuyang of Anhui to Shantou of Guangdong) is based in the development zone. It takes only six hours to drive from Fuzhou High-tech to six provincial capital cities surrounding it (including Hangzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Changsha and Nanjing). It is estimated that the economic circle that encompasses these six provincial capital cities has a population of 40 million and an industrial consumption potential of more than one trillion yuan.

Comparative advantages of Fuzhou High-tech. With a construction land area of 9.6 square kilometers, the development zone has two transformer substations with a capacity of 110 KV and a waterworks with a daily water supply of 100,000 tons. It is well-equipped with pollution discharge and sewage treatment facilities, a new communication facility, network and other units of infrastructure. Meanwhile, following the beginning of construction of Fuzhou Power Plant, project acceptance space is becoming larger and larger and project acceptance capability is becoming stronger and stronger. The water and electricity supply in the development zone is adequate. No measures will be taken to switch off power to limit the electricity supply. The cost of water and electricity is only one third of that in coastal areas. The labor force here is high in quality and low in cost. Fuzhou City has a population of 3.91 million, including an agricultural labor force of 3.01 million, 450,000 people in the downtown area and 1.54 million rural labor resources. There are many public institutions for science and education, four universities and moderate specialty schools and 43 social training agencies, which are able to provide all kinds of high-quality talent to businesses. In addition, a Free Employee Training Project has been implemented for all enterprises in the development zone. Human resources with high quality and low wage levels are an important advantage for Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Park when it comes to attracting foreign investors. There are many logistics enterprises settling in the zone, which guarantees the timely, rapid and smooth delivery of enterprises’ products to all parts of the world. Also, six guarantee companies, including Jiangxi Provincial Credit Guarantee Co Ltd, Fuzhou State-owned Assets Guarantee Center and Fuzhou High-tech Hanchen Guarantee Company can provide good investment and financing services for enterprises entering the zone.

Industry advantages of Fuzhou High-tech. The first advantage is the electromechanical industry led by Duonier Motor Homes, Flying Pigeon South Production Base, Jiangling Chassis, Taizhou Auto Parts Industrial Park and Xieli Automobile Accessories, creating an industrial pattern composed of motor car and auto components manufacturing, textile machinery manufacturing, nonferrous metals processing and electrical communication, etc; the second advantage is the pharmaceuticals industry led by Zhenshiming Pharmaceuticals, Boya Biopharmaceuticals, Huiyinbi Pharmaceuticals and Bell Pharmaceutical Packaging, creating a production pattern composed of Chinese patent medicine, chemical medicine, biology, veterinary drugs, drug packaging materials and other kinds of supporting industries; the third advantage is the ascending new energy industry represented by Gemei Sci-tech Co Ltd, Yongfang Power, Hengli Power and Huaxia Power. The industry advantages are becoming increasingly clear.

Meanwhile, the textiles and clothing industry led by Mingheng Textiles, Huanqiu Textiles, Jiasheng Precision Textiles and Huayi Clothing has created complete industrial categories and patterns. With the above-mentioned five industry plates, we have been engaged in creating the best place for undertaking gradient transfer of electromechanics, medicine, new energy and other leading industries in developed regions on the east coast since 2010.

Fuzhou High-tech’s preferential policies. With the development idea of “setting up an area for industry” and the open concept of “not for possession, but for settling”, Fuzhou High-tech Economic Development Zone has made a series of preferential policies and reward policies in aspects such as land supply, financial support, fee collection, introduction of foreign capital, foreign trade exporting, and free employee training, etc, sparing no effort in attracting foreign businesses and investment and striving to create a new industrial park.

Development space provided by Fuzhou High-tech. We have always devoted ourselves to creating an open, preferential, comfortable and harmonious environment.

In terms of service level, we set up the first enterprise service bureau in the province, and implemented the systems of leaders being assigned to designated units, department tracking and personalized services for each enterprise in order to ensure comprehensive and sincere services throughout the whole process in accordance with the principle of “businesses take care of what happens inside their walls and we take care of what happens outside”; in terms of work efficiency, we have fully implemented the working mechanisms of “5+2”(ie cancelling rest days) and “day and night”(ie 24-hour service), an asking system of job responsibility, a public commitment system, a deadline limit system, a default permission system, etc; in terms of humanistic environment, we have created a good atmosphere of respecting travelling merchants and entrepreneurship; in terms of public opinion, we advocate the idea that one who invests a large amount of capital is meritorious and one who does great pioneering work is a hero. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs gain the most with the lowest investment cost in Fuzhou High-tech Economic Development Zone through the best service and environment.

Today’s Fuzhou High-tech Economic Development Zone is a treasure trove for investment full of vitality and potential with unlimited business opportunities and broad prospects; it is an ideal place for entrepreneurship full of hope and business opportunities, showing its vast potential for future development with appropriate operation costs, strong policy support, outstanding investment platforms and simple procedures.


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