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Fubei Industrial Park

I.     Introduction

   Development overview: the construction of Linchuan Fubei Industrial Park was started in September, 2002. As a provincial ecological industrial park approved by the state, it has a total planning area of 10,000 mu. Being one of the main industrial bases in Linchuan, it has already developed six featured industries, namely nonferrous metals processing, electromechanical manufacturing, ecological chemical engineering, automobile components, new construction materials and electronic information. At present, 8,300 mu of land in the park has been developed and utilized; 94 enterprises have settled in the park, of which 53 are already in operation, 26 are still under construction, and 15 are undergoing planning. Especially in January, 2012, the project of Guangyin Aluminum Processing Industry Park, which is a listed enterprise among the top 500 in the country and the top 10 in the industry, was successfully introduced into the park. This project has a total investment as high as 5 billion yuan. After it is completed and put into operation, its annual productivity can reach 400,000 tons, its annual sales revenue can hit at least 10 billion yuan, and taxation can go up to no less than 800 million yuan. In 2011, enterprises in operation in the park achieved a sales revenue of 7.5 billion yuan, contributed a taxation of 250 million yuan, and provided over 7,000 jobs. From January to July in 2012, the park gained a sales revenue of 6.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 36%, and paid taxation of 240 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 48%.

   Regional advantages: Located next to Fubei Railway Station in north Fuzhou, Linchuan Fubei Industrial Park borders the Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway in the east (there are entrances in the urban area, the project of building entrances to Fubei Park has been approved and is under construction), and the Xiangle Railway and Xiangpu Railway (under construction) in the west. It is 0.5 km away from the Fubei Railway Cargo Station, 90 km away from the Nanchang Changbei International Airport, and 30 km away from the entrances of the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway and the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway. The planning area is in hilled land with an open terrain and many barren hills. Additionally, neighboring the Fuhe River, it is downstream from the water intake of the city, making it an ideal place for establishing industrial enterprises.

   Hardware construction: Linchuan Fubei Industrial Park has complete infrastructure. The main road is intertwined with seven section roads. Two 110 KV transformer substations have been constructed and put into service, forming a two-circuit power supply network. A waterworks with a daily supply of 10,000 tons and the waterworks of the urban area supply the park with water. There are also two natural gas companies supplying gas to the park. As a result, the supply of water, power and gas is sufficient. Meanwhile, the park is also equipped with greenbelts and new communication facilities. The sewage treatment works of the park has been among Jiangxi’s first batch of 10 sewage treatment projects. The sewage treatment works and the pipeline network project are under busy construction. The logistics and freight transportation facilities in and around the park are complete. The project of public rental housing in the park, costing an investment of about 40 million yuan and covering an area of 31.1 mu, is already under construction. After it is complete, there will be 646 sets of public rental houses, and the area of each will be 36-60 m2, providing a favorable construction and production environment for enterprises in the park.

   Cost advantages: the cost of production factors closely related to businesses, including utilities costs, and salaries for workers, is relatively low. The power costs for large-scale industries (315 KVA transformers or above) is 0.6754 yuan / KWH, and that for small-scale industries (below 315 KVA transformers) is 0.8014 yuan / KWH. The water cost for industries is 1.7 yuan / ton; labor resources are abundant here, and the costs are relatively low. The monthly salary for an ordinary worker is 1,200 -1,600 yuan.

II.     Admission Conditions

(1)   The actual investment of fixed assets (workshops, production and life equipment and supporting facilities, land costs) is at least 30 million yuan, and the investment intensity of fixed assets is at least 1 million yuan / mu; (2) after it is constructed and put into service, the annual production and business tax is at least 50,000 yuan / mu; (3) according to documents of national standard land prices, the land price of the park in the market is at least 96,000 yuan, and it is listed online.

III.    Admission Procedures

(1)   According to such related materials as research reports of the project’s feasibility, etc., the Administration Committee of the Park, the Merchant Group and the capital introducing organization will have an investment fair concerning the introduction of the project with investors, determine the project’s strength, and propose related suggestions. (2) The leader in charge of the park in the district government will call such sectors as the Administration Committee of the Park, the Merchants Group, the Commission of Development and Reform, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Branch Bureau of Land and Resources, the Construction Bureau, the Safety Supervision Bureau, the Legislative Affairs Office, etc., together to hold a joint approval meeting for the project, and study and confirm the project’s site area, site selection, investment promotion agreement, etc. (3) Report it to the district’s party committee and the district government for approval from major leaders. (4) Sign investment promotion contracts and admission contracts.

IV.   Main Policies for Investment Promotion

(I)    Conditions for preferential taxation policies: the annual tax paid by the enterprise should be more than 50,000 yuan / mu.

1.    Income tax policies: starting from the year in which the project in the park begins to gain profits, enterprises will get a financial incentive to expand reproduction, this award is 100% of the total sum of the preserved part of the local government income tax paid by the enterprise in the first and second years, and 50% of the total sum of the preserved part of the local government income tax paid by the enterprise in the third, fourth and fifth year.

2.    Value-added tax policies: from the day on which the project in the park is put into service, the enterprise will get a financial incentive to expand reproduction, this award is 30% of the total sum of the preserved part of the local government value-added tax paid by the enterprise in the first three years.

   As for those industrial projects with huge amounts of fixed asset investment and especially high economic benefits, or those projects invested in by national Top 200 or world top 500 industrial enterprises, each of them can enjoy an individual policy.

(II)   Preferential fees. The administration fees for admission into the park are charged at the minimum as specified. All fees except those handed in to the central, provincial and municipal governments, are exempted.

V.    Service Environment

   Based on building the best service brand, Fubei Industrial Park is making efforts to establish a team which is good at and brave in providing services. According to the commitment of “businesses take care of what happens inside their walls, we take care of what happens outside”, we always regard investors as our masters before, during and after the project is put into service, offering to help enterprises solve difficulties and resolve disputes, and provide enterprises with good conditions for construction and production. We will improve the system of tracing services for projects, establish fast channels for enterprises to apply for licenses, simplify procedures, and normalize inspections. We should bring more guidelines instead of obstacles for the development of projects. We should talk more about methods instead of turning blind eyes to enterprises’ needs. We should be good “spokesmen” and “safeguards” of enterprises, and exert ourselves to create a friendly atmosphere for investors, in which they are “respected and never upset”. In this way, we can introduce projects, keep them in the park and make them develop rapidly.

VI.   Development Orientation in the Future

   In order to undertake projects more efficiently and build a new industrial city, the CPC committee of the district and the district government considered the situation, and made efforts to build the new pattern of “one park and three zones” for industrial development. Firstly, we should make use of the advantage that there are entrances to Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway in the park to replan Fubei Industrial Park, and expand it with a newly-added area of 3,000 mu. Secondly, we should rely on the transportation advantage of the No. 8 Fuzhou highway to plan the second industrial park covering an area of 12,000 mu from the toll station of the No. 8 Fuzhou Highway to the Chongren Section, through which we can undertake new materials and food & medicine industries. Thirdly, we should seize the opportunity of the economic integration of Fuzhou to plan the third industrial park covering an area of 10,000 mu in the Yunshan Section, through which we can undertake projects in the ceramics industry.

   Standing at a new starting point and facing new opportunities for development, with a more open attitude, a more sincere mind, a better service and a more practical spirit, the people of the park are sparing no effort in promoting the development of Linchuan Fubei Industrial Park, winning the position that Linchuan deserves as soon as possible, and contributing to improving people’s sense of happiness.

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