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                 The key historical site under state protection, Chinese history & culture village

Liukeng village, considered as “The First Ancient Village”, is located near Wujiang River of the southwest of Niutain town, Le’an County of Jiangxi province. Surrounded by connected green mountains, it is pregnant with beauty and productive of talent. It endows the village the convenient irrigation, water transportation as well as the advantage of being against the mountain and facing a river. At present, it covers an area of about 3.61 square kilometers, 238.25 hectares of cultivated land and 3561.78 hectares of forest with a population of 4290 in 820 households.

Liukeng village is a miniature of Chinese feudal patriarchal society. Within a thousand years, Clan Dong depends on close feudal clansman system to maintain order, solidify the masses and stabilized development. The feudal clansman sites can be seen everywhere in the village, especially the various editions of genealogies and ancestral temples all over the village that are rare human landscape. At present, it still preserves 3 genealogies of the tenth year in Wanli of Ming Dynasty and 20 editions of every clan genealogies in Qing dynasty and 58 ancestral temples and halls. The Dazong Ancestral Hall is a wonderful site which has 5 granite steles with 8 meters of height and 0.7meters of diameters that is called “Yuanmingyuan Palace” of Liukeng.

Liukeng village is famous with grand scale traditional architectures and unique layout. In the middle of Ming Dynasty, the village was built under clansman's plan to form eight streets and lanes with seven horizons (from the east to the west) and one erect (from the north to the south). The people habited in their streets according to their clan branch. They set up arch gates on laneways which connected walls. People laid cobblestones on the laneways and built sewerage system. There are over 260 ancient buildings and sites of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the village. 19 of them are buildings and sites of Ming Dynasty, 18 building groups, 14 cultural buildings, 5 memorial gateways, 48 ancestral halls 8 temples, and 32 ancient well, pavilions, docks, ancient bridges, ancient tombs, ancient towers and others. These ancient houses have been built by bricks and woods with half and one layers height and a skylight. The architectures are modest and concise but are particular about decoration. They are rich in exquisite and graceful in handicraft and colorful drawing, permeated with a strong religious and cultural atmosphere. The ancient buildings of Liukeng village are characteristic in Jiangxi’s architectural style which has been preserved completely. They are rich in high value of history, culture, science, environment and architecture.

Liukeng village is the representative of ancient classical culture. It is a pearl of the classical folk architecture in our country and treasure of the human civilization.

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