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Fuzhou enjoys a reputation of “paradise on the earth” from three aspects, that is, workable for entrepreneurship, livable for the residents, and suitable for tourism. In recent years, Fuzhou has successively won the title of the Garden City of Jiangxi Province, the Potential Investment City of Zhejiang Merchants (outside the province), the Preferred Investment City in China of Suzhou Merchants, the Nationwide Best Green Ecological City and the Low-carbon Economy Demonstration City in China. The city has beautiful surroundings. With 16.6 square meters of park green land area per capita and an urban greenery rate of 43.4%, its environmental comprehensive assessment ranks seventh nationwide and first in the central area. Due to its 64.5% forest coverage rate and 85.9% of Zixi County’s forest coverage rate within the city, it is reputed as a “Natural Oxygen Bar” and has become a good place for leisure with water and air quality above the class B standard throughout the year. The mountains are clear against the sky and the waters are very bright in Fuzhou. There are four national and provincial-level natural reserve areas, six national and provincial-level forest parks and rich tourism resources such as Dajue Mountain, Magu Mountain, Junfeng Mountain, Liukeng Ancient Village, the ancient architectural complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Wenchangli, an ancient boat-shaped house in the secret base of the Heaven and Earth Society, etc..

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