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The medicine industrial cluster led by Boya Biopharmaceuticals, Zhenshiming, Kelun Pharmaceuticals, East-Asia Pharma, Sanhe Pharmaceuticals, Huiyinbi Group, Redstar Pharmaceuticals and Cangyuan Pharmaceuticals has formed. And one or two new bioengineering drugs will be launched on to the market every year.

New energy

In recent years, by means of developing in the direction of the green energy industry and actively guiding the technological innovation and development of the green energy industry, the city has successfully attracted Gemei Sci-tech Co Ltd, Huaxia Power Group Co Ltd, Rijiu Power, Yongfang Power, Baiteli and other new power enterprises to settle, formed a complete industrial chain from raw materials to battery products and helped it become one of the top emerging industries in the whole city.

Mechanical manufacturing

Duonier Motor Homes, Jiangling Chassis, Flying Pigeon Electric Vehicles, Xieli Automobile Accessories, Lianxing Machinery, Kente Transmission, Haibo Industrial, Zhifeng Machinery, Banghe Measuring Equipment and others have formed the machinery manufacturing industry cluster centering on production of motors, components and parts.

Food processing

The specialty food processing base of Nanfeng oranges, Guangchang white lotuses and Chongren chicken has been built. Yanjing Huiquan Beer, Linchuan Wine, Changshun Group and others have formed the industrial cluster. Tribute Wine, Tongxin White Lotus, Huiyuan Juice, Chongren Chicken, Huiquan Beer, Aying Chinese Yams and other brands are going to bigger and stronger.

Textiles and clothing

There are textile industrial clusters composed by Mingheng, Huanqiu, Jingsong, Xinweimei Dyeing and Weaving, Hengxiang and other companies, as well as the clothing industry clusters led by Huayi Clothing, Weierlan, Weierte, Weilong, Buguniao, Yasida, Sanyi and other companies. Four main clothing production, export and processing bases in Linchuan (downtown), Chongren, Nancheng and Nanfeng are gradually forming.

Flavors and fragrances

Jinxi County in Fuzhou City has become the largest natural flavor production base nationwide with more than 60 varieties of products and over ten thousand tons of annual output of various types of natural flavors. Natural lauraceae flavor products account for over 85% of the national market. The output of natural camphor powder ranks first across the world. Pinaceae and taxodiaceae products account for over 35% of the national market. It is the spice industry base of Jiangxi province.

Transformation equipment

Chongren County in Fuzhou City has formed the transformer manufacturing cluster in the transformation equipment industry led by People Electrical Appliance Group, China and Jiangxi Power Transformation Equipment Co Ltd, and built a complete transformation equipment manufacturing industrial chain. The nationwide market share of all transformation equipment products produced here has achieved around 8% and the market share in Jiangxi province has reached over 50%. It is known as “the First County in Jiangxi” in the transformation industry, which has also been listed in the “Top 20 county in China” and regarded as the transformation equipment industry base of Jiangxi province.

Porcelain for daily use

Lichuan County has over 30 years of history in producing porcelain for daily use and has trained large quantities of talent in management, technique & marketing and skilled workers. There are over 30 daily-use porcelain enterprises in the whole county. With many varieties of products and wide marketing channels, the demand for sanitary ware ceramics for export exceeds supply. There are rich porcelain making resources in the county with over 15 million tons of various porcelain making raw materials. It is the daily-use heat-resistant porcelain industry base of Jiangxi province.

Plastic products: Yihuang County has devoted itself to creating the plastics town in the central region of Jiangxi province. There are more than 60 plastic products enterprises in the whole county. It has a complete plastic industry chain composed of plastic particles, weaving bags, mesh bags, jumbo bags, automobile and motorcycle plastic injection parts and other plastic accessories products. It is the plastic products industry base of Jiangxi province.

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