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Tourism Development

 Infrastructure construction and scenic spot development of places of interest such as Linchuan Hotspring, Fashui hotspring of Zixi, Le’an Liukeng historic village, Magu Mountain of Nancheng, Junfeng Mountain of Nanfeng, Jinshan Temple, Lichuan Rock Spring, etc., and such projects as the construction of Tang Xianzu Art Center and Tang Xianzu Former Residence Tourism Development, etc.. We are looking forward to your investment in tourism and building national three stars and above level hotels in Fuzhou.

Main Agriculture

There are mainly modern ecological agricultural projects, agricultural scientific and technological model projects, exported and foreign exchange earning agricultural projects, deep processing projects for agricultural products, and such agricultural industrialization projects as those for high-quality rice, white lotus, mandarin orange, spotty chicken, watermelon, pig, tea, bamboo and wood, etc.


In terms of infrastructure, Fuzhou city is equipped with such urban infrastructure projects as highways, bridges, water supply, gas supply, sewage treatment, garbage disposal, construction of major professional markets, etc.

Mineral Exploitation

   With regard to mineral exploitation, the city is active to conduct exploitation projects of such metals and minerals as uranium, silicon, tantalum-niobium, copper, gold, platinum, etc., and such nonmetal minerals as porcelain clay, granite, coal, etc..

Social Undertakings

 As for social undertakings, Fuzhou city has provided the local citizens with such social undertaking projects as culture, education, sports, health, etc., and other projects clients are interested in.

Major Industries

   Construction of projects and industrial parks that accord with state industrial policies with large investment, high technological content, good comprehensive benefits, broad market prospects, mainly consisting of electronics, electromechanics, machinery, textiles, clothing, chemical engineering, porcelain, medicine manufacturing, food processing, etc., and reshuffling, transfer, or new project construction for existing enterprises.

Biological medicine industry

Biological medicine industry is one of the pillar industries in Fuzhou. The city has the only biological medicine high-tech industry characteristic base and biological medicine provincial strategic new industry base in Jiangxi province. A total of 108 biological medicine production enterprises gather here in the city, including Zhengshiming eye drops company, Boya BiopharmaceuticalsShimei pharmaceuticalsKelun PharmaceuticalsHuiyinbi Group and so on, over 50 of which are built in Fuzhou high-tech zone. In 2015, the whole business income surpassed ten billion Yuan. The product mainly covers six types: biological pharmaceutical products, chemical products, pharmaceutical products, modern traditional Chinese medicine products, medical equipment, healthy food, biological technologies and products respectively.

Automobile, components and parts

The industry related to automobiles is the focus and one of the pillar industries in Fuzhou. There are 163 automobile components enterprises represented by Jiangling QingQi, Jiangling Chassis, Rongcheng Mechanical Company, Jute Automobile Component Company, and Wantai Aluminum Industry, 79 of which are based in Fuzhou high-tech zone. In 2015, the total income reached 27.57 billion Yuan. The main products include SUV, pick-up trucks, electric vehicles and other automobile components such as automotive vehicle and drive axle, automobile wheel hub, shock absorber, transmission shaft, brake pump.


New energy and new materials

Strategic and new industries play a key role in Fuzhou. In recent years, by means of developing in direction of the green energy industry and actively guiding the technological innovation and development, many local governments have introduced all kinds of new energy projects, mainly including wind energy, light energy, biomass and other industrial forms. The local governments also bring together more than 20 new energy and new materials industries with Dibike Battery and Deyi Semiconductor as the representative examples. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, as the implementation of innovation drive and the promotion of industrial upgrading, there is broad space and huge potential for the development of new energy and new materials industries.



In recent years, e-commerce in Fuzhou has shown a tendency of explosive growth. A number of local electric businesses, such as Le Meids and Laobiao, have begun to rise. In the city, there is a considerable scale of the current electric commercial enterprises which are more than 530, of which in 2015 online trading was worth 21 billion yuan. Fuzhou city has issued two official documents, which are “Opinion on the Implementation of Speeding up and Promoting the Development of E-commerce” and “Interim Measures to Support Fund Management of E-commerce in Fuzhou City” respectively. The documents aim to provide the e-commerce with support and guidance considering the aspects such as the policy and funding, thus comprehensively promoting healthy development of various forms by combining “the Internet +” with agriculture, industry, logistics, tourism, commerce, medical service, finance, education and culture, etc

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