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Fuzhou City is situated in eastern Jiangxi, located between the latitudes of 26°29′N and 28°30′ N and the longitudes of 115°35′E to 117°18′E. It has jurisdiction over one district, ten counties and one economic development zone and has a total area of 18,816.92 square kilometers. By 2015, it had 2,399,840 hectares of actual arab[more]

FuZhou Tourism

Rushui Forest Park is located in the southeast of Fuzhou City. It covers an area of 1060 hectares an...[more]

all the altas and statues in the church had been smashed. The church had been taken as the storehous...[more]

permeated with a strong religious and cultural atmosphere. The ancient buildings of Liukeng village ...[more]

politician and government reformer of Song Dynasty. Wang Anshi Memorial Hall is built up for commemo...[more]

Foreign Investment

> Investment Advantages

six national and provincial-level forest parks and rich tourism resources such as Dajue Mountain,the Preferred Investment City in China of Suzhou Merchants,the Potential Investment City of Zhejiang Merchants (outside the province),Fuzhou enjoys a reputation of,the Nationwide Best Green Ecological City and the Low-carbon Economy Demonstration City in China. The city has beautiful surroundings. With 16.6 square meters of park green land area per capita and an urban greenery rate of 43.4%。[more]

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